Social Distancing after Lockdown?

Spread of Coronavirus is getting slow with social distancing after lockdown
Second to frequent hand washing and wearing masks, the next best way to minimize or eliminate the catastrophic effects of Novel Coronavirus is social distancing. Avoiding close contact and proximity to others is the best possible way to fight against Novel Coronavirus, especially when there is no cure available now. With no hope of finding any cure in the near future, prevention is better than treatment. Since the implementation of Lockdown all across the world, the growing cases of COVID-19 infection has shown a little reduction and but that is not enough to say that we are anywhere close to defeating the virus.

The social life in both urban and rural areas has come to a halt after the strict implementation of lockdown. Life after lockdown is very disappointing but to avoid infection of Coronavirus, it is safe to stay inside and engage in safe practices to earn a living or buy essentials. Early measures, specially social distancing and the lockdown, have worked as a barrier against the rising influence of the disease in heavily populated cities.

What is social distancing?
Social distancing is a non-pharmaceutical infection prevention measure taken by Government authorities to curb the growing infection of Novel Coronavirus, which includes maintaining a safe distance of about 1 meter between customers in all commercial activities.
This is “social distancing” and the term being used more and more frequently by government agencies and health agencies to inspire people on complying with the regulations of safe distancing to prevent further infections. This allows people to learn what measures they can take to try to minimize the chance of contacting Coronavirus, especially when the pandemic is at its peak.

Even economic superpowers like the United States of America and France are struggling to cope with the rising death tolls and rapidly spreading infection of Coronavirus.

Governments all across the world are using a number of ways to encourage social distancing in the marketplaces, grocery stores, to help people buy the essentials without coming in direct contact with anyone. However, the majority of crowded places and large gatherings of people are strictly prohibited, whether in internal or external places.

A distance of at least 1 meter should be maintained between persons wherever practical. Large distances of 6 feet are more effective. Many businesses and small vendors drew circles on the floor outside their storefronts at 1 meter of distance to maintain social distancing in order to reduce the spread of Coronavirus.

Advisories on Social distancing measures in view of the spread of COVID-19 disease has been issued just after the implementation of Lockdown.

What measures can we take to maintain social distancing?
• Visiting, or other contacts with, unwell people should be avoided.
• Avoid meeting people face to face.
• Using mobile phones and internet accessible tools like video conferencing is the best possible way to conduct business as long as coronavirus keeps spreading
• Avoid hand-shaking or any other greetings which involves person to person contact
• Avoid any unnecessary travel or cancel or postpone non-essential meetings, gathering, ceremonies, workshops or training sessions
• Arrange work from home for employees, if possible
• All the public transports are shutdown

There are many other things we can do to stay safe and avoid getting infected by Coronavirus. You can go through the WHO official website to learn more about Novel Coronavirus and infection prevention measures.

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