Reception Desk Sneeze Guard

Reception Desk Sneeze Guard

Embrace the front desk of your office with effective safety products:
  • Perfect for reception desks at restaurants, hotels, motels, and alike venues
  • 3-sided cast acrylic panels
  • 5550 GSM cast acrylic for sturdiness
  • Lasting impact due to see-through and glossy features

Install Reception Desk Sneeze Guards for Prevention

Transform workspaces with the best safety products to ensure customers and visitors about the norms to combat COVID-19 complications. We offer unique safety supplies varying from adjustable sneeze screen shields, countertop sneeze guards to sanitizer dispenser stands so that every possible requirement at your office can be served effectively. Here comes the reception desk sneeze guard for providing the front desk staff with prevention against the risk of Coronavirus spread.

Quality assurance on cost-effective safety products

  • Installation of sneeze guards at the reception desk of hotels, motels, pharmacies, and alike commercial spaces assure prevention for both the staff and frequent visitors. Moreover, such an initiative proves to be valuable for brand reputation and recognition too.
  • Constructed from 5550 GSM cast acrylic, these sneeze guard panels turn out to be highly durable and lasting for the time to come.
  • The three-sided panels are transparent and appear attractive in a glossy finish.
  • With its see-through feature, the sneeze guard makes sure to provide both the customer and the employee at the front desk with maximum visibility along with prevention against the airborne contagions.
  • Furthermore, we give high importance to finishing as we believe in offering our customers an unmatched quality experience, and, therefore, the corners have been given rounded shape and finish for a safe and soft touch to the human skin.
  • Transparent plexiglass panels work great by shielding the individuals communicating at the reception by acting as a barrier in between.
  • The barrier is successful in blocking the airborne infections that may spread when someone sneezes, coughs, and interacts.

So, germs could be anywhere, but you can protect your work setup with quality-driven sneeze guards and other safety supplies available at BannerBuzz. Contact us now to get the required quantities delivered at your doorstep. We also deal in sanitizer dispenser floor stands, face masks, safety flags, vinyl banners, and more preventive products to strengthen your brand functioning.