Adjustable Screen Sneeze Shield

Adjustable Screen Sneeze Shield


Bring Prevention with high-quality Displays, Banner Stands:

  • Durable black coated aluminum poles included
  • Pre-defined sizes available for quick selection
  • Telescopic poles for width and height adjustment
  • PVC clear panel comes with pole pockets to easily fix the stand
  • Display Screen Sneeze Shields for prevention against air droplets released from coughing or sneezing

Adjustable Screen Sneeze Shields for Round-the-Clock Protection

Assure your guests about high safety standards at your facility with premium quality products. Considering the pandemic fact, it is vital to introduce high-quality and convincing products to combat the contagions at every level. Here come the adjustable screen sneeze shields as one of the durable and promising product to be displayed at various public facilities. Display vinyl screen sneeze shields within the premises of restaurants, public libraries, banks, hotels, motels, and many more spaces where the crowd is expected frequently.

Sneak-peak at the durability & quality of durable screen sneeze shields

These screen sneeze shields are protective against the spread of air droplets that might spread through someone’s sneezing, coughing, or talking. Display adjustable shields between the serving tables at the restaurants, billing counters, or coffee shops so that a safe and social distancing can easily be practised.

They are easy-to-handle, assemble, and fix. Hardware comprise of black coated aluminum poles that are telescopic and perfect for adjusting height and width as per the requirement. Hardware is self-sufficient and therefore, doesn’t require additional tools for the setup. Effort and time are saved for sure. Moreover, the PVC clear panel offers utmost transparency for a clear yet protective view from opposite directions. Top and bottom of the clear panel is provided with pole pockets for easy and quick fixing to the stand.

Safeguarding Premises with COVID-19 Safety Essentials

Pandemic Coronavirus has landed us into a situation to be alert and protective against the virus spread. Along with adjustable screen sneeze shields, you can scroll through our other range of safety products to welcome visitors and customers with utmost safety and hygiene. Get personalized face masks with brand name and logo printed on them. This would help in promoting the business along with offering prevention against viruses for the visitors. Furthermore, add hanging sneeze guards, touch-free sanitizer dispenser floor stands, face shields, social distancing floor decals, and many more are available at BannerBuzz for a transformational workspace. Contact us for further inquiries. We are just a call or an e-mail away.