Restaurant Tabletop Desk Divider Sneeze Guard - Clear Acrylic (4 person)

Restaurant Tabletop Desk Divider Sneeze Guard - Clear Acrylic (4 person)

  • Assure customers with safe and germ-preventive dine-in time at your restaurant clear cast acrylic panels are durable and easy-to-fix on the tables
  • Tensile strength & resistance for lasting impact and usage
  • One standard size fits all tables at the restaurant
  • See-through; the glossy finish offers an aesthetic appeal to the sneeze guards

Socially Distant, Protective Dining Experience Assured with Restaurant Tabletop Desk Divider Sneeze Guard

Seeking one of the best and effective ideas to bring your business back to normal? We are here to provide you with the best answers and solutions. Particularly, if we talk about the restaurant business, it is indispensable to ensure precautionary methods at the facility before calling in the customers. And in this context, it is advisable to introduce your restaurant seating plan with quality-driven and portable safety tools. Restaurant tabletop sneeze guards are one of the essential tools that bring in much safety and prevention for the customers.

Quality materials applied for long-term product usage

Panels of this tabletop sneeze guard are provided with half-cuts at the top and bottom for intersection, and thus ensuring a quick and safe installation on the tables. This type of sneeze guard serves the purpose of socially distancing four guests on the table while providing a clear view of one another. Clear panels are strategically engineered with a glossy finish to offer the utmost aesthetic appeal to the tabletop desk dividers. See-through panels are robust and protective against surrounding viral and bacterial infections. They prevent the guests from spreading or even catching the germs via air driblets that might get released from sneezing, coughing, and communicating.

We recommend you to add sneeze guards to your business and corporate office to amend the working structure into a safer one. Add countertop or hanging sneeze guards, floor-standing sneeze guard SEG clear vinyl, touch-free dispenser floor stands, and more to your purchase for a full-fledged safety buy. These products are going to add value to your commercial space as well as boost better customer experience, trust, and loyalty too.

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